1. SEAT subject UPRIGHT or LIE ON BACK (facing straight ahead), DO NOT LIE ON SIDE. Have bowl or cup of water and scissors handy. Cover subject's head /shoulder with towel or head guard to protect against burning of candle.

2. Insert tapered end of candle into the ear canal opening. With subject's help, position the candle so that it fits comfortably but snugly into the ear canal opening. Subject's head should be slightly tilted in the opposite direction from candle. Subject can assist by holding the candle steady as it burns (hold candle between index and middle fingers close to ear), the person assisting subject should snip ashes into bowl or cup of water to prevent from them from falling on subject.

3. Light the candle. Warmth will now flow into the ear. If smoke is seen at ear end of candle it is not held snug enough. Subject is to discern if warmth is too much and to discontinue immediately. When the ash gets to about 2" long snip it off into the bowl of water, preferably without removing the candle from the ear.
4. When the candle has burned down to about 4 inches from fingers holding candle, remove it from the ear and extinguish the flame in the water. Discard remaining candle.

5. Some may want to put a few drops of ear oil in ear after candling. If going outdoors within 24 hours place a protective covering (cotton, etc.) at ear canal opening.
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Please read completely before beginning.
Exercise extreme caution, use of burning material involved.
An assistant is HIGHLY recommended for safety purposes.

DO NOT use the common practice of VERTICAL
positioning of the ear candle (parallel with the wall,straight up & down).

Position the Ear Candle HORIZONTALLY
(parallel with the floor, side ways, with slight angling to seal at ear)!!! 
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